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    I bought a 15 tube hot water system from these guys, they were not helpful with getting a resource consent but the installer from Waiuku filled out the paperwork. System was installed in one day. The resource consent was never signed off as the Waiuku installer had gone under and I had to pay a local installer to sign it off. Now 18 months have passed and I discovered a cracked vacuum tube. No reply to my email from Alpha Energy, so I used the local solar installer to swap the tube, which was in stock and very similar.
    The system does not make as big a difference to the power bill as I hoped, especially in winter when we are lucky to get to 45 degrees.
    I recommend if you want a solar system, deal with a local installer who can supply, install and support it, as it needs to last over 10 years to be economic.

    Reviewed by: Doug - 08/11/2014

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