Submission Guidelines

By submitting an application you claim to have the authority to represent the website/business. All details are verified and then reviewed for inclusion in to our directory services. For business owners updating their existing listing, your given email address must be on the same domain name or that used at time of registration, for verification purposes.

All business listings are processed within 24 hours in to our directory services.

Our editors may modify your listing information if it contains invalid characters, symbols or formatting.

Website information which we display within our directory services:

  • Website title
  • Website description
  • Website URL (Top level index for free listings, deep level index for enhanced business listings)
  • Logo/graphic to the size of 105 x 70 pixels (Paid logo, featured logo or premium listing options)
  • Full page business profile (free with every listing)
  • Business contact information (If supplied in business profile)

Content which we do not index:

  • Websites in-development stages
  • Redirects or 404 page errors
  • Robot.txt denied files
  • Websites using free hosting providers or sub-domains

Common reasons why your website may not be indexed in to our search results:

  • Robot.txt file is preventing our system from indexing your website
  • A setting in your .htaccess file is preventing our system from indexing your website.
  • No-host can be detected or is blocked
  • PHP connect error or high security settings
  • File types which are not accepted
  • Webpage(s) with less then 10 words

If you have any questions or are unsure if your website complies with our submission guidelines, please feel free to contact us.