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    Christchurch Attractions

    One of the top Christchurch attractions! Cruises are available around Akaroa and Lytttelton. A great day trip from Christchurch. Swim with the dolphins and see the wildlife on the nature cruises. You'll see dolphins, fur seals, birds and many more amazing animals.

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    Kaikoura Wilderness Walks

    Kaikoura Wilderness Walks, 1695 Puhi Puhi Road, Kaikoura +64 (03) 319 6966

    Kaikoura Wilderness Walks takes you on an exclusive guided walk in the privately owned Puhi Peaks Nature Reserve. This is a protected Significant Natural Area of International Importance, renowned as a haven for a diverse array of rare and endangered native species of flora and fauna. Instant wilderness and surprising vistas are a feature of this walk. Guests are treated to an authentic and sensory wilderness encounter, complemented by delicious New Zealand cuisine and luxurious accommodation at Shearwater Lodge, nestled at the bush line high in the spectacular seaward Kaikoura range. 3 days/2 nights or 2days/1 night all inclusive guided walk.

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    Pukaha Mount Bruce

    New Zealand National Wildlife Centre for conservation of endangered species, environmental education, ecotourism, restoring kiwi, kokako, kaka and other wildlife to Pukaha forest.

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    Williams Photography

    Warren & Katrina form the perfect team to beautifully capture your day through two creative perspectives. Katrina is also a qualified makeup artist with tailored packages to suit your needs.