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    Advancedesign Architecture

    Advancedesign Architecture, 33 Norfolk Street, Regent, Whangarei

    Advancedesign Architecture was formed to provide cost effective, specialist modern Architectural Design solutions. Our qualified design team has a wide range of design and practical construction experience ensuring the designs we offer are both buildable and practical while expressing unique characteristics. We design many Eco-homes and utilise passive energy techniques wherever we can. Advancedesign Architecture uses the very latest 3D design software to enable you to see exactly how your building will work and look.

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    Showhome Presentations

    Showhome Presentations are experts in their field. With over 30 years of experience and formal training in colour and design we are able to provide you with a range of modern furniture that suits your home or apartment. It is important to us to provide decor that not only suits your home but provides the personal touch so it looks like it's been lived in. We provide a free makeover consultation, this includes a professional consultant who will come to your property, assess what is required, look at furniture placement to accentuate space and colour in each room.

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