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AMES IT Academy

Top provider of premiere ICT and computer training in New Zealand. AMES IT Academy accepts both local and international students. Work with the latest technology and applications and develop your IT expertise.

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  • Worst mistake of my life

    I've been at this institute for a few months. Unlike a lot of the students studying here, I took a certification in web development over three months. There were so many problems that I ended up not finishing the course and applied for withdrawal for which I only got a partial refund. I'd also like to mention here that I am not the first person to have problems with the institute. There have been internal problems spanning over several semesters.

    First of all, don't ever assume that this place is a quality education provider. IT'S A BUSINESS. Their number 1 priority is making profits and gaining funding. They will not hesitate to hire under-qualified lecturers just to fill seats in a classroom. They also have a no refund policy after 8 working days so you only get about a week to realise you've made a big mistake. Withdrawing within this first week will also cost you $500.

    The lecturer they hired was completely incompetent and even admitted himself that he mistook the course content when applying for the job. After discovering this fact, I applied for a withdrawal from the course. In the first month of the course, the lecturer sat at his desk while the students in the class self-studied from the outdated textbooks.

    However, there is no one more frustrating to deal with than the Dean. It took 3 months just to deal with the withdrawal process because he claims he is so "busy". He takes weeks to reply to emails and offers little communication.

    Most of their programs are all based on the official Microsoft software certification exams. These are mostly dated back from 2012 and a lot of the technologies are quite outdated (a lot of examples and exercises from textbooks didn't work any more). If you were really wanting these Microsoft exams, it costs around $200~300 to buy the textbooks and sit the exams yourself. Don't pay $5300 for a 3 month course which offers less than that.

    If you are looking to get certified in software or complete a diploma, you will waste your money and time studying here. There are so many better places (like Industry Connect or even Yoobee) than here. I've been told by numerous students that the certifications and diplomas from AMES IT hold very little value. There is very little support for its students and they will only look to you to make money. I hope my bad experience will prevent future students from making the same mistake I did. I just wish there was someone to tell me this so that I didn't have to end up losing $1600 to gain nothing in the end.

    Reviewed by: Felix Shin - 11/21/2016

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