Weather Information

Weather - General Information

New Zealand's weather and climate conditions are very important to the people of New Zealand. The reason for this is that a large number of New Zealander's make their living from the land.

New Zealand's yearly weather is made up of mild temperatures, medium to high rainfall and sunshine. New Zealand's climate is made up by two main geographic elements, the mountains and ocean.

Weather - Seasonal Information

New Zealand does not have a large temperature range found in other parts of the world. However the weather can change unexpectedly, with cold fronts and tropical cyclones moving in quickly at times. This makes it a very important part for tourists to know about current weather changes when doing outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

  • Spring Season - September, October to November.
  • Summer Season- December, January to February.
  • Autumn Season - March, April to May.
  • Winter Season - June, July to August.

Weather - Temperature Information

As New Zealand lies in the Southern Hemisphere, average temperatures decrease as you travel further south. The north of New Zealand is sub-tropical and with south temperatures. Warmest months during the year are December, January and February, with the coldest being June, July and August. During the summer, the average high can range between 20 - 30ºC and during the winter between 10 - 15ºC.

New Zealand Weather
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